Every business owner and manager knows the value of keeping a watchful eye on employees, customers, and inventory. An All-Safe Fire and Burglar Alarms Video Surveillance system give you the tools to monitor your business, factory, school, or any other facility and keep things running smoothly. You can watch a single location or multiple sites from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world.

Our systems can also be setup with AI event-driven technology to further increases management productivity. We eliminate the need to search through hours of recorded video looking for an event

Video Surveillance systems pay for themselves through:

  • Reductions in shoplifting, theft and fraud
  • Increased employee performance
  • Increased customer service
  • Protection against false insurance injury claims
  • More efficient use of management personnel

All-Safe uses the latest technology to custom-design a system specifically for your application.

  • 4K IP Cameras Fixed or Pan & Tilt Surveillance Cameras
  • IP68 Weatherproof Housings
  • NVR's from 4 Channel to 256 Channels
  • Deep Learning AI, Active Deterrence, and 24/7 Color Illumination
  • Built-in mic and speaker for audio communication
  • We only use pure copper cat5e - cat6 ethernet cabling
  • FREE cloud updates for cameras, NVR and software / apps.
  • All Cameras are NDAA & FCC Approved
  • All of our NVR's, Cameras come with min 3-year warranty.